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R & D

The last product is the Actual composition of
Preparation, Manufacturing Specification.

This department is the backbone and also the life force of the omicron pharma The drug subjected to drug development undergoes number of trials and are screened at different stages to produce a final potent drug intended for the treatment of various diseases. During this process various properties are checked to see whether the drug is non-toxic to living system and is therapeutic or not. Using suitable excipients and technological preparations the active substances are formulated into final dosage form. The last product is the Actual composition of preparation, manufacturing specification. Drug formulation can have a substantial impact on almost every quality characteristic of an API including potency, bioavailability, solubility, dosage, route of administration and stability. In immune offers parenteral drug formulation R&D services for primary stage and preclinical candidates with a special prominence in nanoparticle based drug delivery technology.
Pre-formulation services:

  • • Chemical compatibility and reactivity to packaging substrates.
  • • Physical properties and product characterisation.
  • • Formulation development services
  • • Phase I-IV formulation development and reformulations.
  • • Determining blending times for tabletting, encapsulation and analysis of characteristics (blending time, bulk density, content uniformity and flow characteristics).
  • • Over-encapsulation and comparator product blinding.
  • • Developing matching placebo products and comparator supplies.
  • • Developing ethical, over-the-counter products, including tablets (immediate and controlled release), powders, liquids, suspensions, emulsions, creams, ointments and lotions.
  • • Developing line extensions in the above dosage forms.
Technical services:

  • • Troubleshooting commercial products.
  • • Formulation optimisation and evaluation of new raw materials in existing products.
  • • Technical transfer of products from R&D to production facilities.
  • • Process optimisation and scale-up and assessment of current products.
  • • Modernising existing manufacturing and clinical supplies processes.
  • • Accelerated degradation.
  • • (API)-excipient interaction studies.
  • • pKa determination.
  • • Hygroscopicity studies.
  • • Photostability of API.
  • • Prototype evaluations.
  • • Reverse engineering.

Our formulation and development OR Dosage Development Laboratory is equipped with following capabilities:

  • • Bioavailability Studies and Assessment
  • • Clinical Research and Clinical Trails
  • • Contract Research Organizations
  • • Industrial Pharmacy& Physical Pharmacy
  • • Formulation R&D
  • • Pharma Regulatory affairs
  • • Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology
  • • Recent advancements in BA/BE Research
  • • Recent approaches to Biosimilar
  • • Advances in Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry
  • • Analytical Method Development and Validation
  • • Latest Drug Development instruments
  • • Nano Medicine & Nano Technology
  • • NMR and Analysis of Small Organic Molecules
  • • Novel Approaches to Analytical and Bio Analytical Methods
  • • Role of Chemistry in Pharmaceuticals
  • • Sources of Drug Formulation
  • • Electrochemical Methods
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