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OTC Medicines and Has Opened

Omicron pharma is currently exports to over
151 countries and 7 continents globally

Our services have reached to more than 50 countries. Sometimes, over-the-counter drugs are recommended for the beings for commonly occurring problems. Omicron pharma is here as OTC products manufacturer India which focuses more on quality and purity other than anything else. The vision of Omicron pharma is to become an integrated multinational pharmaceutical organization. With this vision, we simply produce the best after analysing what the market needs. This has made a gargantuan impact in the way of operating.

Omicron pharma has extended its line for OTC medicines and has opened a new independent unit to handle OTC products and is rapidly strengthening its product line in this segment. After success in its pain management products, the company is extending into other segments of various Cough Syrups, Nutritional Health Products, Gastro Digestive Products, Protein Supplements, Skin Care Products, Personal Care Products etc. Our key markets are Retail Pharmacies, Health and Cosmetic Shops, Drug Stores and Lifestyle Spas.

All About OTC

  • • Over-the-counter drugs go on sale without a prescription from a healthcare professional.
  • • A regulatory agency ensures the drugs are safe and effective even without a recommendation from a physician.
  • • For common illnesses, basic knowledge of drugs or medicines is enough to cure them. But it’s always better to analyze the health condition before supplementing it.
  • • OTC Products manufacturer India, Omicron pharma has paced up above the competition by manufacturing OTC drugs and delivering them to pharmaceuticals all around the world. The continuous efforts to become disruptive from the company is really appreciable.
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